What is the procedure for renewing dependent visa?
I want to renew my family visa please guide me the process.
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What is the procedure for renewing dependent visa?
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12 years ago
Follow the below procedure to renew your family residence in Kuwait. (Article 22).

Medical Insurance
1. Civil ID and Passport copies (dependent and sponsor).
2. Photos if age is more than 12 years.
3. Goto Insurance office and submit the above papers and pay. Adults 41 kd, Kids 30 KD for 1 year.
4. Don't forget to get the insurance paid receipts.

Residence Renewal
1. Go to typing center and fill the application form for renewal.
2. Take Insurance paid receipts, photos, copies of civil id and passport (residence page) of dependent and sponser.
3. For 1 year you need to take 10 KD stamp for each person.
4. Go to the passport office (go very early in the morning to avoid the mess).
5. Go to the document review section first then get it signed.
6. Then go to the renewal section and take the token and submit the documents.
7. Before going to passport office make sure you dont have any traffic penalty if any pay the fines before going there.

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