Apply for new civil id in kuwait
My company has finished stamping the residence on my passport. I need to apply for the new civil id for me. I need to know the procedure.
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Apply for new civil id in kuwait
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11 years ago
Thanks for this wonderful information. I got my civil id in 3 days. They are working very fast now a days.
11 years ago
Follow the below procedure to apply for new civil id.

1. To apply for the civil id you need to provide a valid address proof. If you own a flat take the copy of the house rent contract. if you are sharing with another person then you need the copy of the house rent contract of that person and his civil id copy.

2. Take the copy of your passport (first page, residence page and last page).

3. Take Copy of your green paper (work permit).

4. Goto any typing center and get the civil id form with envelop (they charge 500 fills)

5. Provide the house rent contract and your passport copies and ask them to fill the form (they charge 500 fills).

6. If you are sharing with another person then that person should sign on the application form. (sign should match with the house rent contract)

7. After finishing from typing center take the form to any clinic or hospital then take a blood group test and get their stamp on the form. (they charge 2 kd to 4 kd for this).

8. Put 2 photos (blue background) inside the envelope.

9. Next step is to submit the documents to the PACI Office (south sourra, 6th ring road).

10. Go very early in the morning (before 7 am is good otherwise you will be waiting for hours) take the token and wait for your turn.

11. When your number comes give them your form with envelope they will verify all the papers and put your information in the computer.

12. That's all. You should get your civil id in 2 weeks.

13. You can check the status of the civil id by calling this number 1889988 or by visiting the following website

14. Once the civil id is ready just goto PACI office and pay 2kd to collect your civil id.

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