How to apply for Driving License (Istimara) in Kuwait?
Hi I am new to Kuwait and I would like to know the procedure to apply for driving license in Kuwait. Please guide me.
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How to apply for Driving License (Istimara) in Kuwait?
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11 years ago
Hello there! I am also wondering how to apply for driving license here. I am a diplomatic staff locally hired. Filipino Citizen-Female (Rec/Secretary) with the salary of KD362, i am a degree holder (Philippine Embassy authenticated) 4 yrs in Kuwait. Please i need esential info asap on my case.

Thanks in advance.
12 years ago
To take the driving license the following categories are exempt from the rules & regulations:

Housewives with children, Doctors, Professors, Teachers, Managers, Company heads, Nursing Staff, Translators and Interpreters, Accountants, Counselors, Technical Staff, Journalists, University students, Engineers, All Diplomatic Staff, Mandoop.

If your job is not in the above categories then you must complete 2 years of residence and should hold a university degree and minimum salary of 400KD.

Follow the below steps to get the Istimara.

1. Prepare the Istimara Application Form. Goto typing center and they will do it for you. Take university degree, civil id and green paper with you.

2. Take 3 Passport size photos, Civil ID copy, Passport Copy (Residence page).

3. University Degree (With Arabic Translation). University degree should be attested by your country embassy and ministry of foreign affairs (5 KD charges). Also you need to make attestation for the arabic tranlsated degree in Ministry of Justice.

4. Green Paper (work permit) copy. Get the signature of your sponser (Kafeel) on the copy also.

5. Company Authorized Signature paper ( Atamad Toqia)

6. Go to muroor and submit the papers, once they signed on the paper you need to make eye test, after that get a blood group certificate from any clinic.

7. Go to muroor again with eye test , blood group papers and 10 KD stamp and submit and follow what they say.

8. Go to any driving scholl and take admission . Once you are confidernt with your driving then you can give the real test with the muroor. Good Luck.

Go to this website and practice for the signal test.

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