Im working to my Company for 2Yrs. & 8 month's for 6 hrs everyday without Off since i start working to them.
I have A Family With me here in Kuwait & im asking them if its possible for them to give 8hrs. Work with off but All the Asian Citizen to my Company they never give 8hrs. Only for 6hrs. & as what i said No off!
Even when i get Deliver before they never give a Maternity Leave (Allowance or what it will call for that ) even if we are sick they will not accept the sick leave they still want ask to work!
I just want to know if i can have an Indemnity coz i join to the company last DEC.16 ,2012 wi last On SEP.1,2015 (2yrs.& 8month's).
Pleaseee i need an advice for this.
Thank you so muchhhh
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6 years ago
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