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For Sale in Sulaibikhat

  • Blue Air Sense air PK230 25KD Only
    25 KWD
    -Room Size 18 Sqm 2 side Clane Work\ Xcite Sale to Filter dont worry Good condition No delivery / Only Pick up Thank you so much Any Q&A Send whatsapp Thank you. ...
    Sulaibikhat - Today
  • new safety boots Best of best Hurry!
    700 KWD
    new safety boots Hard hat It is sold at a really cheap price! Safety Shoes-Original price 7KD -> 4KD (150EA) All Togethert (600KD) Helmet-Original price 1.5KD -> 1KD (100EA) ALL together (100KD) Not sale 1 EA 1EA/ All together sale...
    Sulaibikhat - 12 Apr
  • Luxury sofa 130KD only
    130 KWD
    The only luxury sofa in the world Once you sit down, you fall asleep in comfort. The only sofa in a very comfortable world 350 KD original -> 160 KD sales (60% discount) Buy only one fast!...
    Sulaibikhat - 12 Apr
  • Office Desk & Chair 1Set 15KD Only
    15 KWD
    We sell sturdy wooden or steel desks. The price of a set of chairs and desks that you like is only 15KD. If you buy a lot, we will give you an additional discount. Thank you. Non-delivery/pickup only....
    Sulaibikhat - 11 Apr
  • Buffet shelf for restaurant 50KD Hurry! Only 1 left in stock.
    50 KWD
    Restaurant kitchen shelves for sale It is made of 100% stainless steel and is strongly sturdy. Delivery X and pickup are only available. Hurry! Only 2 left in stock. ...
    Sulaibikhat - 11 Apr
  • Oil Hiter 3KD Only Hurry! Only 3 left in stock.
    3 KWD
    Dear All All Good condition Oil Hiter Any Size Any breand Clearance Sale (uesd to one) only 3KD Whatsapp Thank you....
    Sulaibikhat - 11 Apr
  • I want to sale my forklift 94009762
    3,750 KWD
    I want sale my forklift, good condition, 1 year thafther validity’s, price 3,750 kd, if someone need forklift call my number 94009762 what’s up imo direct call,,...
    Sulaibikhat - 21 Jan
  • Orca tv 55 inches display damaged
    15 KWD
    Orca tv 55 inches display damaged intrested persons call me 60483804...
    Sulaibikhat - 28 Mar
  • Bakala insidehouse
    1,700 KWD
    Bakala sabah al naseer...
    Sulaibikhat - 26 Feb
  • تصیلح مكیف مركزی غسیل ونقل وحدات
    30 KWD
    تصیلح مكیف مركزی غسیل ونقل وحدات ثلاجات, طباخات فرن ,اوتوماتیك غسالات ,كامیرا cctv,ip مخزن بارد ,مضغته میاه ,سخان, الشبكات سیتلاهت مركزی الاع...
    Sulaibikhat - 22 Feb