For Sale

For Sale in Mansoriya

  • office chair
    10 KWD
    big office chair for 10 kd two side wood tables 5kd each center wood table with glass on top for 8 kd...
    Mansoriya - 25 Oct
  • buffet food warmer
    30 KWD
    two buffet food warmer trollies with three pyrex dishes for 30kd or 50 kd for both...
    Mansoriya - 25 Oct
  • mini refrigerator
    12 KWD
    i have two mini fridges for 12kd each or 20 kd for both good for an office or small room...
    Mansoriya - 25 Oct
  • gym equipment
    100 KWD
    weider weightlifting machine in great condition for 100kd abdominal trainer exercise chair 5kd 3 reebok adjustable aerobic stepper 10kd or 25kd for all three weightlifting bench for 20kd...
    Mansoriya - 25 Oct
  • syrian chairs and table
    75 KWD
    vintage syrian chairs paired up with a small table for 75kd,...
    Mansoriya - 25 Oct
  • ikea bunk bed
    30 KWD
    one ikea bunk with desk for 30kd and anotherone without the desk table for 25kd all for 45kd both with matress...
    Mansoriya - 25 Oct
  • تصیلح مكیف مركزی غسیل ونقل وحدات ا
    30 KWD
    تصیلح مكیف مركزی غسیل ونقل وحدات ثلاجات, طباخات فرن ,اوتوماتیك غسالات ,كامیرا cctv,ip مخزن بارد ,مضغته میاه ,سخان, الشبكات سیتلاهت مركزی الاع...
    Mansoriya - 22 Feb
  • household items for sale
    68 KWD
    i have following items for sale... 1. one big metal/steel cupboard like new with inside safety locker price is 19kd 2. one single small metal/steel cupboard price is 8kd 3. 2 single bed like new 10kd 4. one single metal bed 6kd 5. on...
    Mansoriya - 22 Jul
  • nocturnal enuresis alarm (bed wetting alarm)
    29 KWD
    if your kid. can not control him/her self and passes urine while sleep this high quality alarm can take care of 80% of cases. it is also used to detect if your kid passed motion or urine and time to clean...
    Mansoriya - 02 Jul
  • gym items cheap prices
    5 KWD
    exercise bike in good condition bought at sportsman 5kd light weight dumbbells for walking 2kd roller skates various sizes 3kd adidas soccer ball 3kd adjustable aerobic stepper (reebok) 5kd (I have 5 pieces) wansa water dispenser hot/cold table...
    Mansoriya - 22 Apr