Tools - Machinery - Industrial in Al Rai

  • Bending channels Letter machine and laser welding machine
    4,000 KWD
    For sale, a machine for printing advertising characters in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plate with a height of 18 cm. Single phase with the computer and the program was not used much. And Spa laser welding 400 Watt 3 Phys Stainless Steel welde...
    Al Rai - 01 Dec
  • Uv Printer For Sale
    2,000 KWD
    Slightly Used Uv Eco Solvent Printer for Sale Print Media Size 190 cm, Epson DX5 Head CMYK....
    Al Rai - 29 Nov
  • Uv Machine & File & book cover machine
    5,000 KWD
    Roby Junior 2 is compact and versatile semi-automatized case maker suitable both for short and medium runs and can produce a gluing unit integrated in the machine in order to save floor space and the walking effort. Usually used with hot, animal glue...
    Al Rai - 20 Nov
  • Printing Machinery Sale
    25,000 KWD
    1) Cutting M/c - Automatic-PERFECTA(Germany) Big Size 115cm 2) Cutting M/c-Automatic Small Size 78cm 3)CYLINDER-HEIDLEBERG Big Size 57 x 82cm 4)CYLINDER- HEIDLEBERG Small Size 38 x 52cm 5) Dye Cutting M/c -DABBABA(India) Size 100x7...
    Al Rai - 14 Aug
  • Laser Welding and Channel bending Machines For Sale
    5,000 KWD
    للبيع مكينة تطعيج احرف اعلانيه للاستانلس ستيل والالمونيوم والنحاس بإرتفاع ١٨ سم سنجل فيز مع الكومبيوتر والبرنامج لم يستعمل كثيرا ومكين...
    Al Rai - 10 Oct