Photo - Video in Sharq

  • Studio 52 have multiple teams for multiple Videos at a time
    With award winning writers, camera crews, and technical people on board, we have specialized teams for aerial photography, ad film production houses time lapse construction videos, Safety videos for workplace, corporate video, training video producti...
    Sharq - 21 Nov
  • Pick Studio 52 to immortalize milestone events.
    We're the invisible hand that seamlessly conveys your event into a high quality historical document which will be just as interesting to watch for decades. We're talking serious milestones in history of the company, like opening new facilities, launc...
    Sharq - 15 Nov
  • Monitoring Construction Progress Made Easy with Studio 52 Timelapse
    If you have a crucial construction project going on, monitoring the progress is a lot to worry about. But STUDIO 52 Timelapse has been doing this work for clients now for over 40 years, all over the Middle East. We are the most experienced. We are th...
    Sharq - 09 Nov