Freelancer - Part Time Jobs in Kuwait City

  • Sales Officer required
    A sales official is required to market food and non-food items to wholesale stores, cooperative societies, supermarkets and groceries for a commission only, provided there is experience in the field....
    Kuwait City - 16 Oct
  • Sales representative
    A food products and other products sales representative is required to specialize in the central markets, cooperative societies and grocery stores, provided there is experience and work for the commission only....
    Kuwait City - 13 Oct
    I'm looking for office part time job, like data entry or related for office work, because of Pandemic, my company still not operated totally, and allowed me to find a part time job. I'm available 1pm onwards. send me email: [email protected]
    Kuwait City - 07 Oct
  • representative required
    A representative is required to market consumer products to cooperative societies and markets, the condition of experience is a commission only without a salary....
    Kuwait City - 01 Oct
  • Expert Car auto spare parts
    Requires Expert Car auto spare parts employee to work for new project as part time ( commissions). Note: only experts - commission- send cvs. Mobile/WhatsApp: 66002444 ...
    Kuwait City - 10 Jul
  • Requires car auto parts expert
    Requires car auto parts expert to work for new projects (commissions). Note: only experts - only commissions- send cvs. Mobile/WhatsApp: 66002444...
    Kuwait City - 09 Jul
  • Requires employee for car spare parts
    Requires employee has experience in car auto parts to work for new projects (parts time). Note: only have experience in car auto parts. Mobile/ WhatsApp: 66002444...
    Kuwait City - 08 Jul
  • Part time full time Work
    Never depend on a single income and if you’re looking for ways to earn extra cash, We are looking for people who want a business opportunity and become our distributors for our extremely fast moving products....... We have ready customers and al...
    Kuwait City - 05 Mar
  • Gift Wrapping
    Required Philippines or Indian men or women has experience in gift Wrapping,textiles and flowers (Article 18). Contact: 66002444...
    Kuwait City - 20 Jan
  • washing polishing cleaning any vehiclea
    i am searching for the job washing polishing cleaning any vehicles any where with 7 years experiance.if any one accept pls contact me.i like to work even that is the part time job....
    Kuwait City - 09 Jan