Bank - Finance Jobs in Salmiya

  • 18 number transferable visa required
    a graduate lady is looking for a one year genuine transferable visa 69964158...
    Salmiya - 03 Aug
    Opportunity looking to earn extra cash alongside with your current Job? Both part time or full time opportunity's available, all you need is the desire to succeed and the ability to learn. No experience required we’ll teach you and give all you n...
    Salmiya - 10 Feb
  • I need a good paying job to advance my career
    I'm a 35-year old accountant from Egypt, and I'm looking for a good paying job in a good place to advance my career - and well, my life as well. I'm trustworthy, articulate and smart. I've worked in a number of good and respectable places. I've expe...
    Salmiya - 21 Jan