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Marine Aquarium (Saltwater Fish Tank) – Completed setup with all premium accessories – Fresh and Unused
The setup contains the below
1 x Aquarium (120CM Length x 50CM Width x 60CM Height) Tempered Glass
1 x Sump Setup (95CM Length x 40CM Width x 45CM Height) Tempered Glass
1 x Aquarium Base ( White Melamine wood finish)
3 X Radion Lights XR15w Pro with hanging kit
1 x OCTO Classic Protein Skimmers Needle Wheel Pumps for Aquarium Fish Tank (Classic 110-INT-500L)
2 x Marine  DC Pump (DCT-4000)
1 x VorTech propeller pump MP40
1 x Overflow Box
2 x Return Nozzle
1 x Top cap for aquarium 
3 x Phosban Reactor 150 (for Calcium Reactor, Anti Phosphate reactor and Ph level reactor)
1 x ClearSea Gen2 filter with 3 extra catridge (can be used for 14 Months)
1 x EcoTech Marine Reeflink BR10 WiFi (Used for controlling Ecotech Radion lights and Ecotech VorTech propeller pump remotely
1 x Flipper – Glass Algae scrapper
1 x Temperature sensor with transparent display
1 x Automatic Dosing Pump Wifi
Complete water testing kits and Pipe fittings

The setup contains all the premium accessories which can make you run the Aquarium without maintenance for once in 3 months and 25% water change once in 3 months. The good part of the setup is that the Aquarium tank, Sump tank and the base can be dismantled easily with flexible piping’s between them.
All the premium accessories are purchased and shipped from US, UK and China. The whole complete setup consist of an Aquarium Tank made of 12mm Tempered Glass which make the tank stronger and safe to have, a base with nice White Melamine Wood finish to give the aquarium a rich look, a sump tank for the filtration process with 4 Chambers one for filtering dust and large food particles with the help of ClearSea Gen 2 filter which can run automatically (the used filter rolls over and cover the inlet with fresh filter automatically), and a pump which then push it to 3 step reactors which can remove phosphate and add calcium to the water and maintain the water Ph level, then water then goes to the second chamber for skimming the protein from the water with the help of  OCTO Classic Protein Skimmer and the water will get transferred to 3 chamber called refugium which has a light specially made for growing the macroalgae to add up the nutrients needed for the fish and the water flows to the last chamber where the automatic dosing pump returns the filtered water back to the Main tank

The Main Aquarium tank has its own Overflow box which will transfer the water to the sump,  return nozzles outlets which will transfer filtered water back from Sump Tank and a VorTech propeller pump to make waves, tides inside the tank with different predefined settings which also can be programmed with mobile devices remotely with the help of EchoTech Marine Link

The aquarium also has three numbers of Radion Lights by EchoTech Marine (XR15w Pro) with its hanging kit fixture which makes the corals grow fast and to give the corals and the fish a colorful look. The lights also can be programmed and can be controlled remotely with the help of the same EchoTech Marine Link device.

The EchoTech marin link ca control both VorTech propeller pump and lights sided by side and you do n number of things with it like Turn ON or OFF at specified time, tune the colour of light at each specified time and duration, make tides and waves in water at each specific time and so on